2012 AFA Teens Video Competition

We congratulate the winner of our 2012 AFA Teens Video Competition,Alex Klein, andour runner-up,Selah Burnett, for their very deserving success.

Winner: Alex Klein, 16, Dayton, NJ
"The Chosen and the Changed" --
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 Alex Klein’s thoughts behind her video:

I don’t think of Alzheimer’s as a disease, but as a curse. When I created this video, I was trying to portray Alzheimer’s as an evil sort of magic that worsens with time, making a person forget who he or she is, losing memories and affecting an entire family. When my grandma was diagnosed, we had no idea how this strange spell would change our lives.

“The most important thing I wanted to come across in the video, however, was how our family copes with the curse. Our motto is you can either laugh, or you can cry. The reason that this is the most important thing for me to put in the video is because I know it can help other people who are affected by this disease. Sometimes, when we laugh, it’s the only thing that can bring a piece of my grandma back, even for a short time. Laughter makes us feel less hopeless, weakening the curse. Often, when we laugh, she laughs, making us feel like the hex has temporarily been defeated. We know we are losing her, but then we realize that we should spend our days with her in a positive way. So we choose to laugh.

Runner-Up: Selah Burnett, 18, Bonham, TX
They May Forget, But They Don't Want to Be Forgotten.” --
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 Selah Burnett’s thoughts behind her video:

“I made this video because I wanted to share the story of a beautiful woman who didn’t let Alzheimer’s define her. My grandma was my shining star; she taught me to always love others and to share smiles with strangers. I wanted to give you a glimpse of my life and how it changed when we found out that Grandma had Alzheimer’s. We embraced her and loved her through it. I challenge you to wholeheartedly love people through Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t abandon them, because they don’t want to be forgotten.

“Even though my grandma has passed on, her memory still lives on. She inspired me to press on and help the hurting people of this world. I know she would want me to continue my work with the Clyde Cosper State Veterans Home. Grab the hand of your loved one and be their support through the trials of Alzheimer’s.”


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