Does your roofing need replacing? Or maybe you just want an upgrade on your roof. Whatever your reason is, changing into one of the top roofing trends of 2019 will surely make your home the talk of the town.

And if you don’t know the latest roofing types to choose from, this article can help you out.

Roofing Trends for Residential Buildings

The interior of your home is not the only designing you have to think about. You also have your exterior, roofing, and more that has to be taken cared of aesthetic and function-wise. But while there are lots of interior and exterior decorating ideas available online that you can do DIY, roofing can be a whole different matter.

You will need experts to handle your roofing needs so that it becomes the best it can be and last for a long while. However, you can lend a hand by choosing which design to put over your head.

Raise the roof with these top 5 roofing trends.

  • Green Roofs. If you are an environmentalist, then the green roof is definitely for you. It provides the function and protection of asphalt or petroleum-based materials for roofs without a negative effect on the environment. Some examples of this are roofing with solar panels or wind turbines.
  • Cool Roofs. This type of roofing trend is also called energy-efficient roofs because it doesn’t absorb solar energy into your home. Thus, you conserve energy and also keep your home cool, especially in the summer. It features metal tiles with a coating of gravel mixtures.
  • Concrete Roofs. For more durable and waterproof roofing, concrete roofs are the answer. And it is definitely what homes that are prone to strong storms need. This type of roofing is already becoming popular with homeowners and can be quite attractive, too.
  • Light-colored Roofs. If roofing before is more on the darker shades, people today are favoring lighter colored ones. It does not only look refreshing but it also reflects heat rays of the sun away.
  • Designer Roofs. Often made of fiberglass or asphalt, luxury shingles as they are called, are definitely the trend with the rich today. This type of roofing is more expensive, but also heavier and lasts longer.

When replacing your roofs, it is not just the look that matters. Its function will definitely play a significant role, as well as its effects on the people and the environment.

So, which roofing type will it be? No matter what you choose, the most important thing is having a competent team that will set up your new roof without a hitch.

Be sure you know who to call for your roofing needs and make your home stand out and be the best in the block!