Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is one way you can become an important link in AFA’s care chain. In addition to participating in an event sponsored by AFA, you can also be creative and organize your own event. In order to help you reach your fundraising goals, AFA is here to assist you along the way. Here are some tips:

Know the facts about Alzheimer’s disease.

Educating yourself about Alzheimer’s disease shows how committed you are to the cause. Visit for more information about Alzheimer’s disease and AFA’s various services and events. We believe that a big part of fundraising is educating people about Alzheimer’s disease as well as AFA’s mission; in doing so, you play a valuable part in raising awareness.

Don’t be afraid to ask.
Although fundraising can be challenging, remember, you’re not asking people to donate money to you, but to a foundation that is dedicated to helping millions of people affected by this disease. You are being generous in serving as a care advocate, so don’t take it personally if someone declines your fundraising request. The more people you ask, the more money you can raise and the more people AFA can help.
Show your gratitude.
It’s important to thank people who contribute—regardless of the amount. All donors like to feel appreciated and know that their contributions make a difference. A sample thank you letter is available from AFA; however, feel free to make your thanks as personal as you wish.
Organize fundraising activities.
Organizing a fundraising event in your area is a great way to make a contribution to AFA. We’ve gathered a list of potential fundraising ideas to help you get started. You are in no way bound by this list, so feel free to use your imagination to come up with other types of fundraisers.
What type of event would work best in your community, school or organization? What time of the year do you plan to hold this event? What audience (age group, etc.) do you want to target with your event?
Plan Ahead:
Break down your event into smaller tasks. It’s easier to achieve a goal when it’s taken one step at a time. Keep a calendar of deadlines for tasks and a list of people who want to help with the event.
Locate Corporate Sponsors:
Identify a few businesses in your area. Contact them about your event and offer to add the company logo to flyers, programs or press releases about the event in return for a contribution to the cause. Contributions could be monetary or what’s known as in-kind—products and services (like food or printed materials).
Obtain Media Coverage:

Contact your local newspaper and TV stations about including information about the event in their community calendars. Most media outlets require calendar submission several weeks in advance of an event.

If you are certain media will be at your event please inform the AFA Young Leadership Program Coordinator. If anyone in the media has questions regarding AFA please direct them to Josie Di Chiara; Senior Vice- President of External Relations at 866-232-8484 or email her at

Chapter Advertising

When advertising your AFA on Campus/School Chapter, consider methods such as newsletters, newspaper ads, organization/school e-blasts, social networking sites, fliers and bulletin boards.

When advertising we request you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • You must have written permission of the AFA Young Leadership Coordinator before using the AFA or AFA on Campus logo on any materials.
    • To request permission to use the logos, the proposed material(s) with the logo must be provided to the AFA Young Leadership Coordinator for approval.
  • You must have permission of the AFA Young Leadership Coordinator before using the AFA or AFA on Campus name on any materials.
    • To request permission to use the names of either entity, the proposed material(s) must be provided to the AFA Young Leadership Coordinator for approval.
  • Get the permission of appropriate campus administrators before hanging or distributing any fliers or AFA on Campus materials.
  • Determine the approved locations in which you may hang and/or distribute materials before doing so.
  • Provide accurate and grammatically-correct wording for postings, e-mails and announcements.
Activity Ideas:
  • Ask your principal if you can sell refreshments at school concerts, plays or sporting events, with proceeds going to AFA.
  • Organize a car wash with an AFA Teens chapter, your sports team, club or group of friends, and donate the proceeds to AFA.
  • If you would like to bring together your peers, you can host a spaghetti dinner. To get started, each family in your class would volunteer to bring pasta, bread, drinks, etc. and then you would collect a small donation to attend. The dinner can take place at such venues as a house of worship, community center or school gymnasium. Event organizers can also use this opportunity to facilitate a discussion about Alzheimer’s disease and its impact on your community, and ways you can individually and collectively pitch in for the cause.
  • Consider holding a book sale. Speak with family, friends, and peers or create fliers asking community members to donate all those books collecting dust on bookshelves. Determine a popular hangout in your community to sell the books for the cause.
  • Organize a benefit talent show. Encourage your peers to take the stage for the cause, invite those in your community to come out for support, and ask for a small admission fee.
  • A few fundraisers that can be completed independently are holding a penny or recycling drive. For the penny drive, you would place containers in local stores, restaurants, etc., that are clearly marked to ask for pennies that will be donated to support AFA’s programs and services. The recycling drive is similar. You would ask students to bring in old cans and bottles and collect them at your school to turn the bottle returns into a donation to support individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.
Please note:
Given that AFA believes education is a big part of fundraising, AFA Teens would be happy to supply you with educational materials for your event. Just ask us! Also, AFA asks to review any information (fliers, ads, press releases, etc.) that contains the AFA name; the AFA logo may not be used without our permission so please give us the opportunity to review and approve these materials.


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