Thank You Loyola University – Maryland
For An Amazing Raise Your Voice For Care Day!

Congratulations to our brand new AFA On Campus Chapter: Loyola – Maryland!

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Thank You Hofstra University – Long Island, New York
For An Amazing Raise Your Voice For Care Day!

Congratulations to our brand new AFA On Campus Chapter:
Hofstra University – Long Island, New York!

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Kicked off in November 2014 at Frostburg State University with
a day of activities, education and music!

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  • Educational Sessions
  • Awareness Raising
  • Health Zone
  • Screenings
  • Music Therapy
  • Alzheimer’s 101
  • Artists Raising Their Voices for Care at a Rock & Roll Concert

About AFA on Campus

afa on campusAFA on Campus is a division of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) that caters exclusively to students at colleges and universities across the country in an effort to engage them in awareness-raising activities and to groom tomorrow’s leaders in the Alzheimer’s community.

AFA on Campus is an offshoot of the foundation’s AFA Teens division, providing an opportunity for individuals who have been involved in the cause as teens to continue their efforts as they move on to higher education.

AFA on Campus Objectives

With student involvement, AFA on Campus hopes to:

  • Provide education, counseling and support to college students and their families
  • Create support networks for students coping with Alzheimer’s disease in their families while attending college
  • Spread awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses at colleges and universities nationwide
  • Help support the mission and services of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America
  • Build on the momentum of AFA Teens, providing an outlet for college students who were active in the cause as teenagers
  • Groom the next generation of Alzheimer’s disease activists
  • Provide meaningful volunteer opportunities
  • Interest students in healthcare careers
  • Raise public awareness of the necessity of youth involvement
  • Foster intergenerational communication and understanding

Get Involved With AFA on Campus

Starting an AFA on Campus chapter is a great way to:

  • give back to the Alzheimer’s community;
  • raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses;
  • lend a helping hand to peers who have or had a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia; and
  • gain meaningful leadership and volunteer experience.

Step 1: Often, your college or university will have specific guidelines for starting a club or organization at your school. AFA recommends contacting the student activities office or other appropriate office to obtain these guidelines and review them before submitting an application to AFA on Campus to start a chapter.

Step 2: To start the process with AFA of forming an AFA on Campus chapter, please contact us.

Step 3: Some schools may also require their own application in order to start a club, as well as a constitution for your new organization. Please click here for AFA’s sample constitution, which includes language regarding the AFA on Campus mission and procedures for chapter meetings.

Step 4: AFA offers an AFA on Campus online handbook to distribute to prospective chapter members so that they may become familiar with AFA and the objectives of AFA on Campus.

Step 5: Begin planning volunteer activities in your community and/or fundraising events,

AFA values the efforts of its collegiate volunteers and recognizes the tremendous impact these chapters can make in the lives of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. We’re here to ensure your chapter’s success. Please don’t hesitate to contact AFA with any questions or suggestions: 866.232.8484 or

Special Shout Out And Welcome To Our New AFA On Campus Chapters:

Eagle’s Landing
High School
Stockbridge, GA

Advisor: Andrea Augustine

  • President: Andrea Augustine
  • VP of Programming: Sooah Moon
  • VP of Membership: Pari Bhat
  • Secretary: Brooke Amero

Archbishop Spalding High School

Advisor: Christine Hubbard

  • President: Eva Hubbard
  • VP of Programming: John Kimble
  • VP of Membership: Nina Horne
  • Secretary: Ally Gloekler

Auburn University

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Jason Banks
  • President: Tillie Drost
  • VP of Membership:
    Cody Traffanstedt
  • VP of Programming:
    Courtney Vanoy
  • Secretary: Andrew Ray

Binghamton University

Executive Board

  • President: Katherine Zwerger
  • VP of Membership: Victoria Uyo
  • VP of Programming: Joe Somma
  • Secretary: Sean Dekay
  • Treasurer: Mary Golden
  • On-Campus Publicity Chair:
    Katherine Spernyak
  • Publicity Chair of Social Media:
    Patrick Dilena

Iowa State University

Executive Board

  • President: Hannah Reba Chute
  • VP of Membership: Joe Talley
  • VP of Programming: Jenna Fenske
  • Secretary: Mica Moeller

Johns Hopkins University

Executive Board

  • President: Rocio D. Bermudez
  • VP of Membership: Theo Kranidas
  • VP of Programming: Emily Alway
  • Secretary: Juliana Veracka

Loyola University

Baltimore Loyola Chapter

  • Advisor: Donna Pitts
  • President: Colleen Kammerer
  • VP of Programing: Katie Kammerer
  • VP of Membership: Patrick Delaney
  • Secretary: Alba Sanchez Fabelo

Loyola University New Orleans

Advisor: Suzanne Ledet-Yuspeh PH.D

  • President: Paige Twitchell
  • VP of Programing: Dylan Mininger
  • VP of Membership: Daniel Garrison
  • Secretary: Brushra Ahmad

Michigan State University

Advisor: Graham Atkin PH.D

  • President: James Stathakios III
  • VP of Programing: Zachary Raad
  • VP of Membership: Johnny Stathakios
  • Secretary: Olga Caruso

Phillips Academy

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Elizabeth Meyer
  • President: Britney Bourassa
  • VP of Programming: Somya Mohindra
  • VP of Membership: Dea Barreto Lagesse
  • Secretary: Nick Isenhower

University of California, Los Angeles

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Pamela R. Cysner
  • President: Jacqueline Dang
  • VP of Programming: Vickky Lam
    and Oanh Duong
  • VP of Membership: Tiffany Dang
  • VP of Administration: Mary Dizon
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